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While navigating through Netflix submissions for something to watch I came across this documentary and got curious. What the health. I guess I’ll watch it.

Early on it got my attention because it said that sugar is not the cause of diabetes. Since I’ve been a type 2 diabetic for over 22 years, about a quarter of my life, I had to proceed to see what they had to say.

They said diabetes was caused by eating beef, pork, chicken, fish, hot dogs, sausage, bacon, other processed meats, milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, and eggs. In other words, all meat and dairy products. Doesn’t make an iota of difference if any of these are healthy organic or not, they all cause diabetes. Also they cause cancer, heart diseases, strokes, and dementia.

If so, why didn’t my doctor or other health care providers tell me this? The documentary goes to great length to explain why The American Diabetic Association, The American Cancer Society and even some Hospitals don’t tell us the truth. Why? Because they get funding from  the processing companies like Tyson Foods, ConAgra Foods, Smithfield Foods, etc., amounting to millions of dollars a year, nearly all of their income. Also the big pharmaceutical companies have a vested interest in seeing us stay sick and buying their products. To a lesser extent the doctors have a vested interest also.

Now, the documentary tells us what to do. Become a vegetarian. They spent a lot of time trying to make their case … like elephants and gorillas are vegans and look how strong they are.

Was I convinced? Nah. I’m too old to change. Besides, they didn’t tell me if wine was considered vegan. If it is, I might be a little more convinced. But I’ll have to give it a NO ‘cause I like my steak (with my wine) too much.

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