War Machine

Well. You probably would never think of Brad Pitt as a 4-star commanding General. He seems more the lowly Sergeant type. But here he is in all his glory with his grim pouty mouth sucked in, hiding his lips. Tough guy, right? “We’re gonna liberate the sh** out of you”. Pitt plays General Glen McMahon. Sounds real “General” doesn’t it, like McCaffrey or MacArthur?

The previous paragraph was written before I saw the movie, from observing only the pre-showing advertisements and propaganda.

Now that I’ve seen the movie which started on Netflix as an original film May 26, 2017, I can honestly say it is the most cockamamie war story of all time. Nary a shot was fired in the first hour and a half of this two hour movie. That time was devoted to the politics of non-war, meaning all the trials and machinations necessary in bringing a new commanding general to Afghanistan to replace an outgoing, unsuccessful one. Pitt played the part beautifully, surrounded by his tough-guy staff who used the f word at least once in every sentence uttered.

After the first shot was fired and followed by only two or three more in the last quarter of the movie, the balance of the time was spent bringing us down off the high that was built up earlier in the movie. I won’t spoil it for you by telling you what happened.

In final reflection, I decided to treat this movie as a comedy, not a war story and, with such a designation, it became enjoyable. Other than Pitt, the players were unknowns but excellently cast. The scenery was drab, but then it’s Afghanistan after ten or so years of war destruction.

As a comedy, I enjoyed it very much and give it a “Yes”.

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