Van Helsing

Here we go again. This is one of these Canadian/American, SyFy Channel pieces now being advertised as “Made for Netflix”. I’m learning to spot these a mile away, yet I keep making an effort to watch, cuz ya never know I guess.

This one is not great. Not really even good. There is a quality to it, though, that’s a bit different. Perhaps it’s a cinematic quality (the show’s creator is Neil LaBute, a mainly theatrical director), or the cliff hanger endings of each episode. It is dark, literally, and gory, but that’s not unusual for the theme. The acting is just meh, the plot lines are thin, probably because this is based on a comic book (Helsing). A lot of people who you think are principals die. It’s actually quite similar to The Walking Dead, with vampires and bad dialog instead of zombies and excellent writing.

Might be good to watch when The Walking Dead is on hiatus, but otherwise, not so much.

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