Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


Kept in an underground bunker by a religious fanatic as a teenager,  Kimmy (Ellie Kemper) escapes after 15 years and moves to NYC. This is a comedy. Her wacky naivete in dealing with life and the people who would take advantage of her is actually quite funny. Some very memorable characters pop up. Carol Kane as her nutty landlady is mostly relegated to the sub-plot of many episodes, but the ones where she behaves like a 60s radical battling invisible causes (see Season 2, Episode 3, for example) are hysterical. Jane Krakowski as her self-obsessed boss is mostly on the mark, only occasionally too much. And Titus Burgess as her roommate is waaaaay over the top, but hey, so is this entire show.
That is really the appeal here, and it’s interesting to wonder what happens to all those bunker people to be sure. Very fast, sometimes obscure jokes that will make you laugh out loud if you’re paying attention. And one of the best theme songs every written. Dammit.
Is it worth it?
Definitely, yes.
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