TV Shows

The IT Crowd

Two geeky tech guys at a British company, a non-techie female manager, a mysterious goth guy in a locked room, and a clueless boss (replaced by two equally but differently...Read More »


One of the beauties of Netflix is the chance to check out shows you never would have thought of watching on network TV.  Now and then I’ll be clicking through...Read More »

The Grinder

Rob Lowe is amazingly good in the 22 episode one-season-wonder on Fox – The Grinder.  The sitcom also stars Fred Savage, you know the now-grown-up Wonder Years kid....Read More »

The Vicar of Dibley

Very traditional British sitcom. As if Benny Hill had a baby with Masterpiece Theater. Why are the British so dichotomous? Childishly smutty and completely uptight all at the same time.

Don’t...Read More »

Mysteries at the Museum

When I was very young, my favorite show on television was one produced in Philadelphia called What in the World?. In that show, experts were presented with mysterious...Read More »

30 Rock

The highly acclaimed series ran for 7 seasons, produced 138 episodes of 22 minutes each. I am ashamed to say that is over 50 hours of comedy programming....Read More »


Six seasons of half-hour Portlandia are currently on Netflix. It was created by and stars Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen. The two play several oddball characters, often in...Read More »


Crazyhead is British, but very like an American TV show: irreverant, action-y, and derivative. There is a little more character development than expected, if you can count soulful looks and actors...Read More »

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I debated about reviewing this one, as I really can’t believe that there are too many people out there who are still on the fence about watching it. I saw...Read More »

Street Genius

This show is Mythbusters-like in that in each episode a number of science related oddities are explored. The experiments are more like cocktail party tricks on the scale...Read More »

Scott and Bailey

Full confession: I haven’t yet finished watching all of the Scott and Bailey episodes available on Netflix—thank heavens, I have a whole series to go!—but after finishing the...Read More »


I can probably use this review for several ½ hour reality competitions, as they really follow a set formula. Steampunk’d is no different as it is essentially Project...Read More »

Better Off Ted

If you like Big Bang Theory and The Office, or even if you didn’t like either, I predict you will enjoy Better Off Ted, as it has the...Read More »

The Returned

Based on a French series (Les Revenants), this supernatural drama should have left well enough alone. I’ve heard the original sub-titled series is quite riveting, but I confess I have...Read More »


This British crime procedural is, if you haven’t heard, phenomenal. Set on the southern coast of England, the landscape is practically a character. It just looks so…cold. There is a disgraced, grizzled...Read More »

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

Thirteen 45-minute episodes of Niel deGrasse Tyson essentially lip syncing Carl Sagan’s 1980s version was a bit painful to watch. I’m old enough to remember the original show, which I...Read More »

Penny Dreadful

Set in Victorian England, this horror/fantasy series was aired by Showtime, but was a joint American-British production. Most of its characters are comprised of icons of the genre, like Viktor...Read More »

Doc Martin

The first six seasons of this British “comedy” are on Netflix, the seventh is probably coming soon. The premise seems almost cliché now, but when it first aired, I betcha...Read More »


This SyFy Channel show lasted five seasons. Five. It was mildly intriguing for about three. I confess, I started watching it on SyFy when it aired, lost interest during the...Read More »


This Australian comedy was originally called Utopia down there, renamed for US/UK/Canada distribution, apparently because we wouldn’t see the irony. On the surface, it’s about a government agency responsible for...Read More »

Halt And Catch Fire

This show is supposed to be about the trials and tribulations at the dawn of the personal computer age. I’d say about 25% of the show does provide...Read More »

Breaking Bad

I watched this Netflix saga about 2 years ago and liked it very much so I decided to review it. However, two years is a long time for an old...Read More »

Ultimate Beastmaster

Introduced and executive produced by Sylvester Stallone, this series is a near copy of Ninja Warrior with a slightly different set of obstacles. Season 1 features 10 one...Read More »

Hap & Leonard

I was reluctant to watch this, just didn’t think it was my thing. It seemed to be advertised as a cross between Dukes of Hazzard and Smokey and the Bandit....Read More »

Conspiracy Theory

Years ago I gave a talk on this topic, and in my research, I was surprised by how many tidbits there were that could be used as “evidence”...Read More »

Mystery Science Theater 3000

You have to be in the mood you know? MST3K series shows the worst science fiction works ever made, while the three audience members (2 robots and an...Read More »


This Sundance series wants to be liked. It has an impressively artful title sequence, cool opening tunes, intriguing premise, and unique looking actors. I wanted to like it, I swear....Read More »


This was a TV series on Fox that started in 2009 and ended in 2015. There was a total of 121 hours (including commercials) of broadcast time which I watched...Read More »

Cedar Cove

This was a three season Hallmark series about a picturesque north western coastal town and its inhabitants. Absolutely beautiful scenery. I semi-enjoyed the first season. I cooled off but tolerated the second. I couldn’t...Read More »

Blue Bloods

I’ve viewed about 85 hours of this series so far. There’s still about 12 hours to go, but I guess I’ve seen enough to make a review.

Blue Bloods is about a...Read More »

Royal Pains

This is an eight season, 71 episode series originally shown on USA Network but later picked up by Netflix. I’ve been watching it for some time and just finished the last...Read More »

Friends With Benefits

In The Great Search for the Quality Half-Hour Sitcom, I have watched tons of these little shows on Netflix that originated somewhere in the netherworld of cable. I overlooked this...Read More »

The Good Place

This is oddly likable. I say oddly because it is “only” a major network (ABC) sitcom, so how good could it really be? I’m glad I gave it a chance.

Veronica...Read More »

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

I’m from Philadelphia, so of course I’ve watched the show. It is actually Seinfeld funny … clever stories, excellent comedic acting, good writing, but … it is just...Read More »


I’m a fan of Bradley Cooper, the producer and occasional guest star, partly because he grew up not too far from me. I always hope he does well....Read More »


Another female-driven Canadian sci-fi TV show. I wonder when they’re gonna run out of these? This one has an interesting premise: our lead female plays a cop who is unwittingly...Read More »


I almost didn’t watch this one, as it looked like a cheesy western with a female twist, which would still make it just a cheesy western. To my pleasant surprise,...Read More »

Better Call Saul

This spin off prequel to Breaking Bad is about the sleazy lawyer and how he acquired his sleazy skills. Compared to Breaking Bad, this series is painfully dull...Read More »

Comedy Bang! Bang!

Five seasons of this weird take down of TV talk shows. Lots of unusual guests, skits and situations. I usually watch the show when I only have 5...Read More »


I was a big comic book reader as a kid and the Archie series, set in Riverdale, was one of my favorites. The series is very loosely based...Read More »

Very British Problems

I only watched a single episode of this quasi-documentary show about the foibles of people born in the British Isles. Most of the idiosyncrasies portrayed are either not...Read More »

Video Game High School

Only watched one episode, but everything about the show is awful.

The title alone should tell you this series is a NO.

...Read More »

The End of the F**cking World

Unexpectedly, I loved this. I anticipated watching one of the 20 minute episodes–at most–during a moment of Netflix ennui. Eight short episodes later, and I was hooked. Too bad the...Read More »

The Punisher

I didn’t watch the entire series. It was too brutal in every sense of the word.  

The show is under the Marvel banner, so I thought...Read More »


I’ve read all of the Conan Doyle books and stories about Sherlock Holmes. In my youth I loved watching  the Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce Holmes series of films....Read More »