This sci-fi show is joint produced by Netflix and Showcase, which is a Canadian channel. It has the vague feel of a Canadian show–actors that are a smidge “B” who pronounce stray vowels funny, even though you can tell they’re trying hard to sound American. There is a recognizable lead actor–Eric McCormack, of Will & Grace fame. He’s actually from Canada, which may explain his presence here.

The premise is a little complex: we humans react badly to a meteor hit in the near future, causing uncontrolled famines, wars, political upheavals, etc., thereby nearly ending the world. Our future humans decide to travel back in time to try to correct all the stupid mistakes we make, by sending future folks’ consciousnesses into 21st century folks’ bodies right before they were destined to die anyway of unrelated causes. This is all possible because, despite all the famine and war of the future, our technology progresses to the point where we are able to master the quantum physics needed to accomplish this, not to mention create a super-intelligent AI that rules us and makes decisions for us so we don’t do stupid things to end the world. Sounds fun, eh?

It actually is quite a bit of fun–energetic, action-packed and soap-opera dramatic. One of the twists of inhabiting a 21st centurian’s body is that you have to continue their lives as if nothing had changed. So, sleep with the wife you don’t actually know, deal with the crazy violent ex-boyfriend, take the history test the next day, etc. Total hjinks ensue. Any science fiction fan is an expert at suspending disbelief long enough to enjoy the plot, which is very easy to do with this show.

Was it worth it? Yes, for sure.

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