The Way Back

This movie claims to be true, but most of it is fiction. It is based on the true fact that several Polish prisoners of the Russians held in Siberian gulags in the early years of World War II had similar experiences. At the beginning of the war, Germany and Russia were allies, and some German prisoners were sent to Siberia for safe keeping because it was too remote and treacherous for them to try to escape.

In the movie, a large group made an escape, but most were recaptured or killed right away. Seven, including an American and a Russian but mostly Polish prisoners, made it out during a severe winter blizzard and one died right away. The remaining six proceeded to Lake Baikai, where they met an orphaned teenage Polish girl who joined the party. Then there were seven.

One defected to join the Russians, and the remaining six proceeded out of wintry Siberia into the Gobi Desert where lack of water, a sandstorm and weakness of the girl caused her to die. One of the men, an artist who was drawing pictures of the escape, also died. The remaining four proceeded to the Himalayan Mountains, where one went ahead and was lost. Three, including the American, made it to India where they were welcomed and saved. The march covered 4,000 miles and took eleven months.

Excellent scenery, acting, scripting and direction. Definite “Yes”.
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