The Vicar of Dibley

Very traditional British sitcom. As if Benny Hill had a baby with Masterpiece Theater. Why are the British so dichotomous? Childishly smutty and completely uptight all at the same time.

Don’t even try to figure out why there are such uneven gaps between each series, it’s not really worth it. Just wonder at the extreme alterations in appearance of the cast, it’s compelling. Episodes are standard sitcom fare, with the running theme in the early episodes of having a “woman vicar” in a small English village. When that got tiresome, they switched to the vicar being continuously horny/lovelorn. Hard not to get your dander up over the rampant and ceaseless sexism. But if you don’t notice or mind such things, it’s enjoyably silly, or eye-rollingly maudlin (it’s a little unpredictable what you’re getting). But on the whole, actually worth the watch, if only to understand the very occasional cultural references to the show and/or to identify another TV Anglophile when someone mentions they’ve seen it.

Is it worth it? Kinda, sorta, yes.

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