The Salvation

Out of the wreckage of the Danish defeat in the war of 1864, Jon and his brother crossed the Atlantic to forge a new future for themselves. For seven years, they struggled to get a foothold in an unfamiliar land. Seven years in which Jon longed for his wife, Marie, and their son. Seven years a family apart. The year is 1871. The country, America.

Sounds like a pretty good opening for a review. It is, but I didn’t write it. It’s the opening monologue for this 1 1/2 hour Danish movie, filmed in South Africa. But I can say it’s a good movie and here’s why:

Even though it starts out in Danish with English subtitles, you don’t need to get used to it because it soon switches to English. Also, the movie timetable starts after the above monologue ends. Jon’s wife and son arrive in America and are soon raped and killed by a ruffian who happens to be the brother of the nearby town war lord, Henry Delarue. Jon kills the ruffian, and Delarue takes severe umbrage by killing everyone remotely involved except Jon who rides off into the sunset with Delarue’s girlfriend after she and Jon kill him. The townspeople were relieved and happy.

I was happy too because this was an excellent westerner. I haven’t seen one in sometime, but I’ve seen a lot of them, and I can’t remember a better one. Especially if you like lots of shoot-outs and bloody action. “Yes”.

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