The Returned

Based on a French series (Les Revenants), this supernatural drama should have left well enough alone. I’ve heard the original sub-titled series is quite riveting, but I confess I have no desire to delve into it after watching the American version. Roughly, it’s about people who have died who inexplicably come back to life in a small northwestern town. The best part of the show, hands down, is the scenery, and wow, the houses. Just gorgeous. The mystery surrounding the resurrected people? Eh. It’s mainly a soap opera, and the relationships are boring and predictable.

The actors have that weird, not-from-America vibe, kind of like a Mentos commercial, which of course there’s nothing wrong with. But still. You can tell they cut corners with the cast. The one very recognizable actor is Jeremy Sisto. And that other guy you’ve seen before, but you can’t remember where. It’s just not that worth it, and was cancelled by A&E after one season, so there’s not much urging you forward with this one.

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