The OA

This mini-series (8 episodes) is supposed to be mysterious and moody and evocative. It’s supposed to keep you guessing and enthralled. It’s supposed to make you go “Hmmm” at the end. It achieves about 60% of all that.

It is mysterious, and odd. A woman reappears after a years long absence, and everyone assumes she was abducted and abused–and she was–but just not for the reasons and in the ways everyone assumes. And then it gets odder. As the truth is revealed, she converts five neighbors to help her achieve some mysterious end, and they (and we) ride an emotional roller coaster as we alternately buy in to her message and think she’s a total nutter. Just when we’re convinced it’s all for real, a twist exposes the sad fact that she’s a total nutter. Until the end, when they try to whip us back around to true belief. But, by then, you may not want to be whipped again. You may retain a whiff of that “she’s a nutter and this is stupid” vibe through the startling  and disturbing conclusion.

If you can suspend skepticism and buy into it, The OA is an interesting ride. I give it a soft “Yes”, and say it’s worth the 8 episode watch.

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