The Last Samurai

This movie, made in 2003, is about American army Captain Nathan Algren, who was a notorious Indian fighter
and drunkard in the late 1800’s.  He was commissioned, for a mere $500, by Japanese businessman Omura
to go to Japan and train Japan’s fledgling army to fight samurais and bring Japan into modern times.  Algren
was played by Tom Cruise.  The other actors I never heard of although many of them, including Cruise, received
awards for their performances.
The new Japanese army had guns, but didn’t know how to use them.  After some training, the army was led by
Algren into a small skirmish which was a disaster, and Algren was captured by Katsumoto, the last living samurai
leader.  Algren was befriended by Katsumoto and taken to his village where, after an extended period of
“indoctrination” and training, he became a samurai himself.
In the meantime, the Japanese army was getting its act together and, at the behest of the new Emperor Meiji,
set out to destroy Katsumoto and all the other samurais in the village, including Algren.  One of the bloodiest battles
I’ve ever seen on film ensued where just about everybody was killed except Algren and Katsumoto.  Katsumoto later
lived up to his samuari obligation and killed himself.  Algren went back to the village, wooed Katsumoto’s sister, and
lived happily ever after, I guess.
A great, exciting film with excellent sets, filming and acting including the bloodiest field battle you can imagine.
Yes, I liked it.
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