The IT Crowd

Two geeky tech guys at a British company, a non-techie female manager, a mysterious goth guy in a locked room, and a clueless boss (replaced by two equally but differently clueless bosses in later episodes) trade British standard sitcom jokes in increasingly contrived sitcom situations. Not that this isn’t funny–as American viewers, we think just the accents are funny for the most part. But there are at least three very talented actors here, Chris O’Dowd being the most recognizable from his roles in Bridesmaids and Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel. And though it took us a while, we recognized and further appreciated Katherine Parkinson from her droll receptionist stint on Doc Martin.

There are 5 seasons, well, 4 plus an episode, but they’re the very short, 6-episode seasons. So just 21 total episodes, equivalent to one season of an American show. An easy binge watch, though you might want to think twice on that; some of the episodes miss the mark and fall flat (including Series 1, Episode 1–keep going!), while others are spot on, laugh out loud material (Series 3, Episode 4). It may be better to pace yourself a bit, save it for those times when you have only a half hour to spare. And btw, you can buy Roy’s T-Shirts here.

Is it worth it? Yes.

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