The Guild

This one was orginally a web series, chunked into shorter than 10-minute “webisodes”. Now Netflix has gone and chunked them into more movie-length “seasons”, which makes them arguably more difficult to watch. Written, produced by, and starring Felicia Day (with fun cameos by tons of famous folk), it’s a fictionalized documentary about the inside world of gaming and it’s players. It is so spot on funny, it’s obvious that Ms. Day is a gamer herself. The “guildies”, or members of an online group that plays together and links up with voice chat while playing, each represent a stereotypical gamer–the mom with young kids, the older bachelor with Asperger’s, the twenty-something man child living with mom, the too ironic for school young woman, etc. After their world is set up, it begins to explode when they meet each other in person (gasp!), and get involved in each other’s “real” lives.

This is extremely funny if you’ve ever spent any time in the gaming world, and probably funny even if you haven’t. Though you might want to log at least a few hours so you get some of the jokes.

Indeed, a “yes”.

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