The Grinder

Rob Lowe is amazingly good in the 22 episode one-season-wonder on Fox – The Grinder.  The sitcom also stars Fred Savage, you know the now-grown-up Wonder Years kid. The show gives us two brothers practicing law in a small town in Iowa. The Savage character is an actual lawyer, while Lowe’s character plays, Dean, a well known, well-meaning TV lawyer whose dramatic network show, Grinder, was recently cancelled. Dean is a lost soul who tries to help out in the family law practice by applying TV wisdom to real life cases. To the supreme annoyance of his brother Stu (Savage), Dean typically stumbles onto the right approach and amusingly wins the case.  

Sound kinda predictable and ho-hum?

But what if it wasn’t?

What if Lowe, with the help of his steady, exceedingly appealing though homely supporting cast, played the role so well that you’re not even sure he knows what he’s doing is funny? Lowe is so over the top with his sincerity and drama it is a true laugh riot.

The three big questions that remain for the jury: why was this show cancelled, why does Dean wear a guillotine necklace, and why are the walls on the sets so filthy? If you know any of the answers, please fill us in.  

We can only hope that Lowe and Savage will make a triumphant return on Fox in The Grinder: New Orleans, but for now, The Grinder rests on Netflix with a very strong YES.  

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