The Eccentrics

What did you want to be when you grew up? A merman? The inventor of useless objects? The owner of a thousand cats or two thousand gnomes? I’ll bet you didn’t want to be any of those things, but this ½ hour series tells you about the people who have adopted those unusual lifestyles and many more.

The people featured in the show are certainly interesting and most seem surprisingly sane. Two eccentric lifestyles are covered in each episode. The problem is the lifestyle stories are pretty shallow and even though only 15 minutes is devoted to each person, there is a lot of repetition. OK, so you are a priest who likes to dress like a clown…great…we see some old photos, an interview with a couple of friends and a clown act inside a church. That’s cool for about 2 minutes, after that it is painful. This entire series would have made a great one hour special covering all of the people. But, please, I don’t want 15 minutes of a guy telling me that he loves Tarzan so much he’s decided to live in the jungle.

A definite no, unless you just look at the first few minutes of each segment.

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