Street Genius

This show is Mythbusters-like in that in each episode a number of science related oddities are explored. The experiments are more like cocktail party tricks on the scale of 8th grade science fair topics, like freezing bananas in liquid oxygen; examining hot dog eating contests; a technique to get a boiled egg into a bottle; showing how a vacuum cleaner can incapacitate a human wrapped in thin plastic; and an exploration of how many rubber bands it takes to crush a watermelon. Not exactly Pulitzer Prize winning science, but fun.

The show’s twist is this: using four random people from the streets of Las Vegas as contestants, the host (6’ 5” self satisfied Tim Shaw from Britain) has the 4 guests try to predict what will happen as a result of the experiment. The correct answer is typically not obvious, and the participants typically are not science oriented, so wide eyed surprised faces are a staple of each segment.

The 12 shows on Netflix are about 25 minutes each with up to 8 experiments per episode that are completed serially – meaning every 4 or 5 minutes or so, you can see an entire experiment and enjoy the amazement of the participants. So if you are like me, you can turn on the show, watch a segment or two, and then move on to something else in your life.

I can’t say it is a great show, but I enjoyed it and recommend it. So, a mild FlixTricks YES for Street Genius.

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