I can probably use this review for several ½ hour reality competitions, as they really follow a set formula. Steampunk’d is no different as it is essentially Project Runway for Steam Punk designers. The season starts with 16 or so contestants with varying levels of experience in designing and creating something; in this case Steam Punk costumes, gizmos, artwork, bibs and bobs. Weekly, the group is divided into two competing teams, and they are given an assignment such as to design an Asian themed Steam Punk bedroom. One member of that week’s losing team gets sent home by Chef Ramsey, um, no I mean a crew of some ‘famous’ expert judges from the world of Steam Punk.

Wait, you do know what Steam Punk is, right? Well, just in case, it is, as the show describes, where the past is the future and the future is the past. Sci-Fi fantasy stuff. What they mean by that is the designers are producing items for a future where the style of everything is of the Victorian age –in other words lots of gears, ginger bread brown leather and bustles with rivets. Think: Wild Wild West, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Star Dust, Jules Verne – The Time Machine.

Anyway, part of the fun of the show is getting to know the contestants and watching them interact with one another – usually in a very jealous and catty manner. Of course it is also entertaining to see them design and build something over a short period of time. I’m a sucker for most of these shows, so yes, I like the creativity, the craftsmanship, the time pressure and the soap opera nature, and give it a FlixTrick YES.

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