Shimmer Lake

When I was a kid, the broadcast networks would develop made-for-TV movies. These low budget Movie-of-the-Week offerings usually did not have the star power or the production value to run in theaters. Some were good, some not so much, but they almost always told an interesting and entertaining story. Such is the case with the Netflix original offering Shimmer Lake, a simple teleplay about a bank robbery in small town America.  

Since there are no superstars, special effects, or even a complex plot, the film has two quirks that attempt to set it apart. One is, like the movie Momento, it is presented in reverse order. Saturday follows Sunday, which follows Friday, etc. The other stylistic twist is the down home folksy humor. Much like Fargo, this film has a calm, quirky sense of humor that plays contrary to the serious nature of the film’s situations.

I shouldn’t tell you much more, so I will just say don’t expect a blockbuster, but I predict you will have an entertaining hour and a half.  YES.

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