Made for Netflix, this science fiction drama is trippy and repetitive. The first season sets us up with our multiple main characters, a group of eight people from all corners of the globe who have never met, yet are linked psychically to each other. Their awakening is confusing, naturally, but by the end of season 1 they seem to settle into their new relationships swimmingly. It seems that in times of emotional stimulation (like…when someone is being attacked, or someone else is extremely happy, or maybe even having sex…this last bit is repeated often), one of the linkees somehow pulls the consciousness of one or more of the others to himself. The extra person (or people) shows up as a projection to help them through the crisis or to join the celebration or to engage in a “shocking” orgy. This stopped being shocking after the first time.

There is a meta plot, where they’re chasing down or being chased by the evil genius who created their link, or something, but frankly that’s a little fuzzy. What this show essentially seems to be doing is trying to break down barriers; between people of different backgrounds, different genders, different sexual identities and orientations. In this way, it may bother some of you more conservative viewers out there. For those of us who are more inclusive, we wish that message were more subtly meshed with a dynamic story line. Instead, it’s rather shoved down everyone’s throats. But hey, at least it isn’t derivative or boring!

Worth it? A qualified “yes”.

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