Santa Clarita Diet

I wanted to like this silly, comedic take on the zombie craze. On the surface, it seems funny: a suburban real estate team whose marriage is put to the test when the wife wakes up one day mysteriously having turned into a flesh eating zombie. My theory is it was her kale smoothie, but her turning is not explained early in the series. The issues arise when you scratch the surface even a tiny bit. The performances by Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant seem very strained, as if they’re acting with guns to their heads. Most of their funniest lines don’t even elicit a chuckle. The best jokes are the realtor ones, though you may not fully appreciate them unless you’re close to the industry. The sight of Ms. Barrymore chomping down on a severed arm isn’t amusing, it’s just gross.

I confess, I only watched three episodes. It may improve drastically after that, but I doubt it. Not worth it.

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