Royal Pains

This is an eight season, 71 episode series originally shown on USA Network but later picked up by Netflix. I’ve been watching it for some time and just finished the last season which was recently added.

The main character in the series is Hank Lawson, a doctor who was fired from his job in Brooklyn and moved to the Hamptons on Long Island. With the help of his brother Evan, who was an accountant, they set up a concierge medical practice called HankMed. In the old days, that would be a medical practice which made house calls. No more. But in the Hamptons, with all those rich people who can afford it, the practice is still doable.

The Lawson brothers were befriended by a billionaire German nobleman named Boris who let them set up shop in the guest house on his lavish estate. Boris had a rare genetic disease and HankMed got heavily involved in his treatment. This took Hank to rare places like Hong Kong looking for treatment, among other things.

Just about every disease and medical malfunction possible afflicted Hank’s patients, but he saved them all with his medical prowess. No one died. All of the ailments were described fully with every medical term imaginable. We laymen would have no way of knowing if the medical terms and diagnoses were correct, but they sounded plausible. Only a medical practitioner would know. I was born and raised on a dairy farm and artificial insemination was frequently used on cattle. But, before watching this show, I wasn’t aware that AI was practiced on humans. I probably learned a little more than I wanted. Kinda gross.

When we got to Season 8, the last one, you could tell the series was ending because it actually turned into a musical with a lot of singing and dancing. It even went from color to black and white at one point. Although unexpected, it was a grand finale and did not seem out of place.

The scenery was excellent. It was the Hamptons, no less. The acting, script and directing were also topnotch. “Yes”.

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