Ridiculous 6

Ridiculous 6 is an Adam Sandler Netflix movie that tries to blend the general theme of the classic western film The Magnificent Seven with the silliness of Mel Brookes’ Blazing Saddles. It does justice to neither, but lives up to the same quality standards as Sandler’s other films – which is to say it is terrible.

I confess that I never liked Adam Sandler on Saturday Night Live. His juvenile, crude humor always missed the mark with me. But according to the show biz articles, he is supposed to be one of the nicest people in the world. So I kept watching, trying so hard to have him win me over.

Once he left SNL, I followed his success in films with amazement. Try as I might to enjoy film after film, I found all but a few second-rate. To this day I cannot understand the allure. I know lots of folks, younger men mostly, who think he is a hilarious genius, but their often joyfully snorting explanations of the humor leave me even more confused. It seems to be similar to, back in my day, when critics fawned over Jerry Lewis movies – some folks thought he was a genius, but I never saw it.

So, Ridiculous 6?  Big time NO.


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