In writing reviews for FlixTricks, I was instructed not to give away plots so as not to spoil the stories for eventual viewers.

I’m not going to do that with this one because, after forcing myself to sit through this 3 1/3 hour disaster, I haven’t the foggiest notion what the story line was supposed to be. Can’t spoil it for anyone. So here’s what I saw:

After D-Day in 1944, a small farming community in Wales woke up one morning to find all the men missing, leaving only women and some children alone with a platoon of German soldiers encamped in town. Don’t know where the men went and could only guess that the Germans were trying to locate an artifact which supposedly had some value. Note: some German troops did indeed occupy Wales during WWII.

One of the women, Sarah, the good looking one, was mourning the loss of her husband Tom, when the German platoon Commander took a liking to her. He could speak English, while all the other Germans spoke German with sub titles.

An unidentified beat-up man came stumbling back to the village and the German Commander had him shot. Was this Tom? Who knows?

One of the locals (don’t ask me why he didn’t disappear with the other men) got out a hidden rifle and I thought he was going to wage revenge on the Germans, but no, he shot a horse instead for no apparent reason.

The Commander tried to make out with Sarah but she’d have none of that and set fire to the precious artifact. The Germans left to go fight the Battle of the Bulge, or something.

The scenery was real good and the acting OK, but the script, directing and editing stunk.  It was incoherent, slipshod, incompatible and unimaginable. “No”.

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