Pulp Fiction

Though I hate violent films, this very violent Tarantino film is a true American cinema classic that is excellent on all levels. There’s not a whole lot of plot, as it is pretty much presented as a disjointed day in the life of various underworld characters – lenders, borrowers, thugs, dealers, users, collectors, fixers and pervs. The film has tons of style, great lines, wonderful acting and superb casting. Samuel Jackson at his best, John Travolta’s triumphant comeback, Thurman Uma dancing, Harvey Keitel being Harvey Keitel, probably Bruce Willis’ best performance and as a special treat, you even get a little bit of Christopher Walken — who could ask for more? Oh…I almost forgot, Steve Buscemi as Buddy Holly. If you have not seen this film you are missing one of the best – it might give you nightmares, but it is worth it.

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