Penny Dreadful

Set in Victorian England, this horror/fantasy series was aired by Showtime, but was a joint American-British production. Most of its characters are comprised of icons of the genre, like Viktor Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, Count Dracula. They interact with each other somewhat, and get into slightly typical shenanigans. Interesting premise. It did grow kind of “old”, though, explaining the series’ end after 3 seasons.

The real gem here is the lead actress, Eva Green. Wow. Compelling, talented, unusual, phenomenal. It’s worth the binge just to watch her do her thing. Oh, and Josh Hartnett (all grown up) and Timothy Dalton (aging gracefully) are fun for a short while. It is dark, though. Be prepared. You may come away a little depressed about Lily Frankenstein’s (“The Bride of Frankenstein”) ill-fated brush with feminism. Or you may not care. All in all, I’d say worth the watch.

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