Mystery Science Theater 3000

You have to be in the mood you know? MST3K series shows the worst science fiction works ever made, while the three audience members (2 robots and an astronaut — seriously) shown in silhouette make wise cracks throughout the movie.

When I was younger I would have found this series to be hilarious on at least two levels. First, the sci-fi films are so bad they are jaw dropping. The acting, the story, the dialogue…oh so poor that it is amazing to imagine that anyone would put money and time into making the films. Second, the audience wise cracks are filled with rapid fire contemporary humor that come faster then a talking race between the Gilmore Girls and the cast of 30 Rock. I’m sure I miss at least half of the jokes, because I’m distracted by the film and am still trying to figure out what the wisecrackers were saying in their last joke. OK, maybe I’m just slow – fine.

In any case, you have to be in that lazy kind of a … ‘hey I don’t feel like doing anything and am looking for an excuse not to move’ mood to enjoy the show. And that mood comes upon me often enough that I have to give the series a lazy YES.

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