Remember back in the 80’s, that cool British mystery show on the telly about the detective with the bionic eye that allowed him to see when people were telling the truth? It was called Mindhorn. And what’s his name, the suave handsome actor? Yes, that’s right … Richard Thorncroft. Whatever happened to him anyway?

You don’t remember because the show never existed, but this 88 minute madcap British comedy tells us what would have happened to that actor. Hey, wait, this is basically the same story as Birdman (the unexpected virtue of ignorance), the Academy Award Winning American film with Michael Keaton.

Um, well … forget I mentioned Birdman, because Mindhorn is not in the same class. So put that out of your mind, and just trust me that Mindhorn is pretty funny if you like silly British humor (I do). It slows down in the middle. I stopped when it got tedious and picked it up the next day.  That’s one of the Netflix advantages, you can watch a film in parts that suit you.

To me the highlight of the movie was Julian Barrett, the actor who played Mindhorn/Richard Throncroft. I’ve never seen him before, but he reminded me of a poor man’s Kevin Kline.

Except for the muddy middle, I give it a pleasant YES.

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