Mike Birbigla: Thank God for Jokes

I’m always on the lookout for standup comics who are clever, funny, inoffensive and not too vulgar. Mike Birbiglia almost fits the bill.  He has the young Dad next door vibe. Mild mannered, clean cut, a little out of shape and self-deprecating.

He will sneak in a story or two that is a little gross, but he manages to pull it off, maybe because he doesn’t dwell on it. As far as “inoffensive”, he claims in this 1 hour and 10 minute set that by definition jokes offend someone. I don’t 100% buy that, but even so he doesn’t go out of his way to attack anyone, and it is clearly not done with malice.

The topics include amusing riffs on men doing yoga, dealing with mice, movie making, and sleepwalking.

He is cleaver and funny for sure, so I give this a big FlixTricks YES.

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