Mascots is a mockumentary about a national competition for sports mascots. It is directed by Christopher Guest, who also directed similar films: Best in Show, A Mighty Wind and Waiting for Guffman. With Best in Show, a film about a national dog competition, the line between reality and fiction was blurred as much of the movie was filmed at an actual competition. This is not the case with Mascots, as all of the entrants are ridiculous fictional mascots such as a character in a Fist costume, and a pair of competitors dressed as a Pencil and a Pencil Sharpener.

This made-for-Netflix film is amusing enough, but because the characters are so over the top, the film loses the reality feel, an important dimension for a faux documentary. Similarly, it is pretty clear this is a low budget affair. Budget might not seem to be important, but since the locations all look so fake and staged, the film loses the illusion that it is covering an actual real-life event – and that makes it less fun to watch.

On the plus side, Guest raises the amusement level a bit by casting a number of regulars from his past films like Parker Posey, Ed Begley Jr., Jane Lynch, and Harry Shearer.

If you’ve never seen one of Guest’s, I’m not sure you’ll like this one. But I’ve seen them all and enjoyed Mascots, even with its flaws. So YES.

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