Marco Polo

A confession up front. This review is based on the first three of a total of twenty episodes. I’ll explain below.

This series attempts to depict the adventures of Marco Polo, a Venice native, when he traveled to Mongolia/China in the 12th century. It appears to me it was more the adventures of Kublai Khan of Mongolia, the grandson of the great Genghis Khan. Polo was there intermittently, but Khan seemed to be the main character.

The settings in this presentation were elaborate, expansive and expensive. The set designers and constructors did an excellent job. The costumes were superior, the acting excellent and the background music compelling.

But, the writing and directing were terrible. The scenes were not coherent, one following the other without a common flow. New characters were constantly being brought into scenes without a lead-in or “introduction” and exiting before one could figure out the purpose of their being there. Hundreds or maybe thousands of characters were moving about this excellent scenery without continuity. Some good, some bad, but thankfully, all speaking English.

I tried, but couldn’t force myself to continue beyond the third episode. I lasted only 3 hours out of a total of 19. Disappointing “No”.

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