Look Who’s Back

A German film, subtitled and filmed in Germany, about Hitler appearing in current times. No logical explanation of how he gets there, just assume he does. Shocking, funny, disturbing, and weird. It mixes scripted and unscripted segments as well as actors and real people. The people who meet Hitler assume the time travelling Fuhrer is simply a comic impersonator.

Clearly the film is inspired by films like Borat and Bad Grandpa where unsuspecting real people are exposed to the scandalous antics of the actors, but this one has an uneven and somewhat disturbing tone that made me uneasy. I am not sure if this juxtaposition of the comic and serious is deliberate, or faulty filmmaking – you decide. One difference is that in Look Who’s Back, I found it difficult to tell the real people from the actors.

I give this film a YES, but not one that is dominating.

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