Lady Dynamite

This is a tough one. It’s funny, certainly and often. The star/creator, Maria Bamford, is not a comedian I’d heard of before. She plays herself in this “sitcom”–a stand-up comedian with some mental health struggles. There are frequent cameos by more famous comedians–Patton Oswalt & Sarah Silverman for example–and some interesting choices for supporting actors show up–Dean Cain, Mira Sorvino, Jon Cryer.

But, at least in this series, Maria Bamford is quite crazy. Unstable, sad, shockingly inept–stuff that isn’t intrinsically funny to me. I’m not a big fan of I Love Lucy–it makes me cringe–and that is the closest parallel I can draw to this uniquely strange and oddball show. The episode where Maria does standup for her parents in their living room is quite possibly the most uncomfortable thing I have ever witnessed without running away. I suppose you could consider that “the point”, and if so, well done. But not for me.

Is it worth it? No, but almost a maybe.

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