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Leon Logothetis, an Englishman who made his fortune in the stock market, travels from his mansion in LA around the world on a beat up bright yellow motorcycle and sidecar. He spends zero of his own money as he begs from the poorest people on earth to help him out. At the end of each ½ hour episode he gives the kindest person he met some type of reward, like sending them to restaurant school.

This is sort of a low budget version of the Secret Millionaire or Undercover Boss. The production values are poor, the editing really bad and Leon is not very interesting. The guy seems to mean well and ends up making many people happy, mostly through material things. If you go to his web site, humbly called, you will see that he is turning this into an industry…books, videos, speaking engagements. Seems to me it is not so much ‘acts of kindness’ but a gimmick to make Leon well known and to make money on the misfortune of others. Sorry to be so cynical, but that is what it feels like.

Shows like this that intend to candidly highlight the human spirit, are not real at all….the experiment is ruined by camera crews and equipment. People anywhere in the world can’t ignore lenses pushed in their faces, so they act differently than they would in real life.  

When I say the editing is bad, what I mean is the fun part of the stories are not: Leon showing off how an Englishman can fake a Scottish accent; Leon learning to ride a horse or Leon sleeping on the street one night in a store front (guarded by his crew)…the real interesting part of the stories is how the folks he rewarded made out with their unexpected good fortune, but that part is limited to a few seconds before the end credits.

The best I can say about this is “Eh, it’s ok.”  I give it the smallest of FlixTricks YESes.

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