Jim Gaffigan: Cinco

There are several standup comic specials on Netflix. Tons of them. It sometimes seems that half of the offerings on Netflix are stand up comics. I don’t know most of them, but since I love comedy, I will often click on one to check out the comedian and hope for an amusing hour of witty observations and intelligent jokes. However, I usually can’t make it past ten minutes or so before I am either grossed out by scatological musings or agitated by hate filled rants on political issues. Sorry, but whether I agree with them or not, I just don’t care what some unknown comic thinks about drug laws. And come on when was ‘poop’ ever funny? Well, maybe always, but I think gross out jokes are the easiest to write. If I want to hear potty humor, I’ll listen to some 5 year olds.

The other day I randomly clicked on another stand up set, Jim Gaffigan: Cinco. This, his fifth stand up special, is listed as 73 minutes long; I expected to hang in there for my usual 10 minutes. But…hey this guy was funny, and not the least bit aggravating. I enjoyed the entire set. Amusing stories about his large family, airplane travel, neighbors – sounds like the fifties called and wants its humor back, right? OK, fine. But I still contend that such humor takes more intelligence to create and I also feel that comics should make you happy – not feed hated or appeal to our lowest instincts.

So Cinco gets my YES vote.

Hey Netflix comedians, lighten up. Do your job, make me laugh. To quote the film Stardust Memories, “You want to do mankind a real service? Tell funnier jokes.”  

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