Jessica Jones

Made for Netflix in conjunction with Marvel, Jessica Jones is an off-center rendering of the superhero model. Jessica, played by the excellent Krysten Ritter, is a retired superhero with super strength who has opened her own private detective agency. She is dark, sarcastic, and sharp; consequently, so is the entire show. Her nemesis, Kilgrave, is embodied by the most awesome David Tennant, who is subtle, scary, and did I mention scary? There are the usual sidekicks and a love interest (Luke Cage, getting his own show shortly after this was first aired).

This is naturally based on the Marvel comic of the same name, though I missed it in that format. I have heard both that it’s true to the comic and that it isn’t cast well. Since I have no personal pre-conceived expectations, I can assert that the actors are all quite perfect in their roles, and the show as a whole is intriguing, well-paced and well-plotted.

This gets a definite “yes”, and I look forward to the second season.

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