In Like Flint

This 1966 film is the second of two Flint films (Our Man Flint was the first). Derek Flint, played by James Coburn, is a US super spy, a spoof of James Bond. James Bond of course is a spoof of spy stories, so this 1966 film is a spoof of a spoof. High tech gadgets, pretty people, exotic locations, space travel and lots of campy humor. Flint is way more talented than Bond. Among other things, he’s a scientist, an inventor, an author, and a matador. It is taken much more seriously than Austin Powers, and to me that makes it even funnier.

Silly plot, bad acting, and terrible special effects, but super fun, especially since it also reveals societal attitudes from 50 years ago. A YES if you don’t take your spy capers seriously.

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