Never mind that I thought this was a series when I sat down to watch it. In my defense, the premise is very teen TV: a boy gets shot in the head while talking on a cellphone, and bits and pieces of tech become lodged in his brain. He naturally suffers no ill effects, and finds that he can remotely read and manipulate all electronic devices. Not bad for a cable series, eh? Too bad this is a film (I seriously only noticed when it passed the hour mark).

Maisie Williams (aka Arya Stark)  is the female lead, and her talent is wasted playing an urban urchin who gets tainted by the dangerous neighborhood where she lives. She gets to do that much better in Game of Thrones. And I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure her street accent kept slipping. The techy part, with translucent images of data chips floating in the air and our iBoy (played by Bill Milner) staring at them slack-jawed, was really, really cheesy. The writer apparently couldn’t think of anything cooler than the ability to make people’s phones get really hot so they’d have to drop them. Oh, wait, there’s the stunning take down of the bad guy, which I won’t give away.

Ok, so worth it? I think not.

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