House of Cards

This is a Netflix five (or maybe more) season original saga about Washington D.C., politics, and all the idiosyncrasies and machinations involved therein. It started in 2013 and the fifth season begins May 30, 2017.

I quit watching after the third season. Let me tell you why.

First, I have admired the star Kevin Spacey for some time, especially in his 1997 movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. In this series he has the lead part of Frank Underwood. The second lead was Clair Underwood, his wife, played by Robin Wright who I never heard of.

In Season 1, Frank is the Democratic Majority Whip of the House of Representatives. He’s an overly ambitious hombre, highly political and extremely ambitious. You could see he was desirous of gaining political advancement. He had an affair with a young political reporter, Zoe Barnes, but he dumped her before the end of the season. She started a journalistic investigation into the back office foibles and machinations Frank pursued in his desire to advance up the political ladder.

In Season 2 when Zoe Barnes got too deep into Franks shenanigans, he killed her by throwing her under a subway train. I started at that time to dislike the series but hung in there as Frank became Vice President. I really was expecting justice to catch up with him for the killing. I was remembering the old Hollywood “rule” that all the bad guys got caught, killed or in some other manner paid for their sins. This is how I was brought up: only good guys win. So I’ll stick around for the next season to see Frank get his just rewards. He hasn’t so far.

In Season 3 the President resigned his position because of some cockamamie bad deal with China and Vice President Frank becomes President without having to be elected. I kept waiting for justice to be done on Frank but it never happened. To me, everything else that went on became a blur.

Before Season 4, I quit. However, in all fairness this series has received 33 nominations and awards for acting, production, best series, etc. Somebody likes it.

In the meantime I got more interested in the real  shenanigans of politics by following Donald Trump on TV. Who needs make-believe when the real thing is even more interesting. “No”.

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