What a weird fun creepy reality challenge show. Four contestants check in to a creepy Eastern European looking hostel-like hotel run by two morbid faux sadistic female twins. The contestants are locked in an elevator (yeah, the “Hellevator”), given instructions and each gets to face a creepy test on one of the floors. If the contestant fails the test and does not return to the Hellevator on time, the failed contestant is left behind and doomed to remain forever on that floor, mwah ha ha ha.

Don’t be put off by the Saw-like look and premise, the show is pretty mild, tongue in cheek and all in fun. The challenges, though set in creepy environments, like a room full of caskets, are standard puzzles no scarier than playing Skeeball. The best part of the show is seeing the contestants react to the situations. They really take it seriously and truly seem scared and nervous.  

The show is a treat for FlixTricks readers with a slimy YES.

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