Haters Back Off

Wow, it is tough to explain why I watched this entire series. Haters Back Off is an uncomfortable, unpleasant Netflix original comedy series  based on Miranda Sings–a popular YouTube character created and portrayed by Colleen Ballinger. Miranda, and her unfortunately low intelligence out-of-luck family, think she is a great musical talent, and encourage her to place her performances on YouTube to share her wonders with the world. I expect one inspiration for Miranda was taken from those early-in-the-season American Idol contestants who think they are God’s gift to showbiz, but are so bad you can’t help but watch and wonder why they have such a skewed vision of the world.

Through most of the show I was cringing, and hoping I have zero in common with Miranda. Miranda has absolutely no self-awareness. Watching her makes me wonder if my own pride-of-self is misplaced. It is a bit of a lesson in humility.

I must say the show has a few performances by the unknown cast that I found skilled, especially those who react to Miranda’s eccentrically disagreeable character with some compassion. The show surprised me a bit (spoiler alert) in that I expected that the character would grow and have a heartwarming self-revelatory conclusion – but nope, there were teases of that, but in the end the show did not compromise itself with uplifting messages of any sort.

I was ready to give the series a big FlixTricks NO, but then I watched a few of her on-line videos (www.mirandasings.com), and I now better understand the character and have more sympathy. The on-line character reminds me more of Pee Wee Herman than the cold Miranda shown in the TV series. It’s clear the series just did not portray the character properly. So I give the series a very tiny YES and recommend you check out Miranda’s web site a bit before watching  the first Netflix episode. I think it will help put the character in context and maybe give her at least a tiny bit of charm.

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