This was a TV series on Fox that started in 2009 and ended in 2015. There was a total of 121 hours (including commercials) of broadcast time which I watched diligently and enjoyed very much.

The series portrayed a high school glee club made up of a diverse group of singers and dancers. They were misfit teenagers semi-controlled by Will Schuester, their faculty coach. The ups and downs were prevalent including puppy love, true love, getting pregnant, staying straight, winning contests, losing contests, acting nerdy, acting professionally, misbehaving, busting out, graduating and going to college. All the time they were being sabotaged by cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester, who was combative to, jealous of, and befuddled by Schuester’s gang of ruffians.

I watched all seven seasons on TV, commercials and all, and hated to see it end. I fell in puppy love with Lea Michele, the lead singer, who has become a very successful professional songstress.

Netflix has all seven seasons without commercials, which cuts the time to about 43 minutes per episode, or 87 hours total. “Yes”, go for it.

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