Get Me Roger Stone

I’m a conservative Republican and I voted for Donald Trump.  This Netflix documentary purportedly tells me why. Supposedly, it’s because of Roger Stone.

Until viewing this presentation, I can honestly say I never heard of Roger Stone. I probably heard the name many times, but I never recognized the influence he had on Trump’s election.

Stone has been involved with many elections going back as far as John Kennedy’s, the last time he backed a Democrat. He was also a major background figure in the campaign of Nixon and was the “inventor” of the Super Pact which has been heavily involved in all elections since. He helped Reagan by solidifying the “Reagan Democrat” concept of crossing over to vote Republican. He was instrumental in getting Pat Buchanan to quit the Republican Party and run for president on the Reform party ticket which was soundly unsuccessful. He was working with  Bob Dole until Dole fired him. Then he helped Bush (the elder) beat Dole.

As early as 1988, he recognized Donald Trump had the guts, determination and smarts to become president and tried to get him to run then. Trump refused but kept it in the back of his mind.

Stone was Trump’s campaign manager early in the 2016 campaign, but Trump fired him after the debacle with Megan Kelly during his debate with Hillary Clinton.

Why didn’t I recognize the Roger Stone name? Because he maintained a low profile in his nefarious actions, not drawing attention to himself with voters. He’s the typical “back-room” operative getting fired for failures and praise for successes. He’s still around and going to be a voice in future elections for the rest of his life. Judging by the forty foot long limousine he rides around in, he’s not lacking for financial reward. Can’t say much for his looks, however. His facial profile looks like a goose or a ski jump.

For wising me up on stuff I should have known, I give this documentary a “Yes”.

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