Friends With Benefits

In The Great Search for the Quality Half-Hour Sitcom, I have watched tons of these little shows on Netflix that originated somewhere in the netherworld of cable. I overlooked this one for rather obvious reasons (it looked really stupid) for a long time. Turns out I’m glad I watched it.

I haven’t made it through the entire and only season yet, but after four episodes I can tell you it’s worth a look. The ensemble of friends (only one pair of whom actually sleep together on a regular basis) are likeable, quirkily neurotic, and best of all kind to each other. I didn’t realize until I’d seen this that most other comedies since maybe 1985 feature at least one despicably mean, nasty character (think: the sarcastic or smarmy one), and that character usually gets the most jokes (often at the expense of the others).

The jokes are often clever, often funny, and it doesn’t leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. A big accomplishment. A quiet shame it was cancelled, but definitely good enough to kill 13 half-hours. Recommended? Yes.


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