Freakonomics: The Movie

As a fan of the book by Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner, I was expecting this to be good. It didn’t disappoint me. The scenarios were all featured in the book, except the last one, and so I was mainly familiar with the outcomes. Didn’t matter. The material is presented engagingly, if a bit too “cutely”, but that’s OK. The premises–such as exploring why the crime rate in the US dropped dramatically in the 1990s–are clear as are the conclusions drawn from the facts.

The only moment of murkiness comes during the “you are what you’re named” section. We are totally not influenced by what we are named! Then another guy comes on…we are perceived differently depending on what we are named! This waffling obviously a result of public backlash about the theory, which still sounds sound to me.

Is this worth it? Yes, and where’s the sequel?

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