Five Came Back

This is a three episode, each about an hour long, documentary originated by Netflix. It discusses the true stories of five movie directors who became involved in filming World War II. They were famous before the war, having directed Mrs. Miniver, Sargent York and others. Then they went into the service, some as officers, some as contractors, but all devoted to filming the war for the benefit of not only the military, but for the public as well.


The  five men were William Wyler, George Stevens, Frank Capra, John Ford and John Huston.


They all survived the war, as the title suggests, and went on to direct such well known movies as The Memphis Belle, The Battle of Midway, The Battle of San Pietro, Battle of the Bulge, It’s a Wonderful Life, The Best Years of our Lives, The Diary of Anne Frank and more.  Many Oscars and other awards were bestowed.


I enjoyed it very much, having lived during World War II without serving (I was 14 when the war ended). This documentary brought back memories of the sacrifices and willingness to serve of our young men at the time. It was a different era then, and I’m not sure we’d get the same response today. Hopefully, it won’t be needed.  “Yes”.


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