Field of Lost Shoes

Based on a true story, this 1 1/2 hour film depicts the lives of some of the ten Virginia Military Academy cadets who lost their lives during, or soon after, the battle of New Market in May, 1864 during the Civil War. The Virginia cadets were, of course, fighting on the confederate side.


The first hour lead-in to the battle attempted to familiarize us with, and get us sympathetic to, seven of the cadets who participated, including the beginning of one love affair, and was a bit boring. I fell asleep briefly.


When the battle got going it became exciting, and the cadets, according to the movie, were instrumental in helping the confederates, lead by General John Breckinridge, beat the Union forces and drive them out of the Shenandoah Valley. The battle field was muddy, and many cadets lost their shoes, thus the name of the movie.


This was a bit of a tear jerker movie which I don’t usually like so I give it a reluctant “No”.


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