Doc Martin

The first six seasons of this British “comedy” are on Netflix, the seventh is probably coming soon. The premise seems almost cliché now, but when it first aired, I betcha it was really neato. A cantankerous, brilliant surgeon develops a fear of blood and is forced to take a GP position in a teensy village in Cornwall (love this place!). He also seems to have Asperger’s, which is the trendy and cliché part. But the supporting characters are charming, the love story is adorable, the story lines are kind of silly but endearing.

The title character is played by British comedian Martin Clunes, who does a remarkable transformation into this disconnected guy. Another highlight performance is in the second season, when Katherine Parkinson joins the cast as the doc’s semi-competent receptionist. We know and love her from The IT Crowd.

Is it worth it? If you want a light, silly, pleasant, well-meaning, feel-good experience, then yes.

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