Django Unchained

This 3 1/2 hour movie written and directed by Quentin Tarantino was released in 2012, just 3 years after his Inglourious Basterdswhich I reviewed recently. It comes close, but I still think Basterds is the better of the two.

There are similarities. Like they both have a well recognized star: Brad Pitt in Basterds and Leonardo DiCaprio in Django. But the REAL star in both films is Kristof Valts (aka Christoph Waltz) a German/Austrian actor who won an Academy Award for best supporting actor in both films. He stole the show(s).

Django (pronounced Jango, as the D is silent) was played by Jamie Foxx and he did an excellent job also, but was still overshadowed by Valtz. The setting is the American south just before the Civil War and is primarily about Negro (they were called a derivation of that in the film) slaves and their trials and tribulations with their plantation owners. Lots of nasty stuff, sometimes funny, sometimes grotesque.

As is typical with Tarantino films, this one is hard to review. It is bombastic, exciting, unpredictable, and crazy. Just sit back and enjoy. You may need ear plugs because of the gun battles, firestorms and explosions. I liked it and give it a “Yes”.

Note:  This film is not available for streaming on Netflix, just by DVD.

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