Desert Fox

This is an old movie (1951) and I first saw it over 50 years ago. Don’t worry, I’m not reviewing it based on that early encounter. I just saw it again on Netflix. So now I can review it.

It’s a black and white (long time, no see), classic, one and a half hour film starring James Mason as General Erwin Rommel of Germany. Fortunately, no sub-titles, as everybody miraculously spoke English.

The film starts with Rommel commanding the Deutsches Africa Korps in early World War 2. There he had early successes against England’s General Montgomery and became a hero of the German people.

It was all downhill for Germany after that when the American army joined the fight. Rommel even reluctantly joined in the failed attempt to assassinate Hitler and end the war before the entire destruction of his beloved country came about.

Not a lot of war action in the movie, but mostly staff meetings and talk (low budget film). But it does tell the story of Rommel’s degradation and demise after North Africa.

I liked the movie when I first saw it and I still like it now. “YES”.

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